Can’t nail the Workplace Learning Culture? Have you looked at your Personal Learning Culture?

‘We need to create a Learning Culture.’ ‘If we had a Learning Culture these problems would go away.’ ‘This year’s strategy is to create a Learning Culture across the business.’ Heard it? I’m sure you have. I’m also sure you’re racking your brains to work out why your latest brochure launch hasn’t worked. Or your [...]

The Four (Word) Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Good, Fine, Ok, Busy

‘How are you?’…’yeah…good’. ‘How’s everything?’…’it’s fine’ or ‘It’s ok’. ‘How are you getting on?’…’Busy’. I guarantee you hear this at least five times a day. Ok, you’re right. It’s more. Probably a lot more. Probably too much. And what’s worse, I hear them from myself, as you probably do too. So, what’s the problem? They’re [...]